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Our core competencies in sustainable waste management and environmental design to deliver comprehensive, customized solutions for each client. Whether your company is a sustainability pioneer looking to extend and leverage its leadership or a newcomer just thinking about how to integrate sustainability, our disciplined, proven approach enables us to design a solution specifically tailored to your needs.

While no two engagements are the same, we offer a wide range of well-defined services to help businesses improve, and profit from, sustainability.

Waste Management: Collection of pre and post consumer food waste from restaurants, commercial properties and institutions to be recycled as compost. Consulting services for recycling of commercial-sector wastes. In the recycling field, operations are focused on innovative services dealing with all aspects of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, metal, wood and timber, and biowastes.

Waste Audits & Procurement:
Do you know what and how much you throw away? We do. When we conduct a waste audit, we will identify exactly how much and what kind of garbage and recycling moves through your waste stream. Our complete waste stream audit report will identify ways that you can divert waste from landfills/incinerators and improve recycling practices. For those in the process of becoming LEED certified, the waste stream audit fulfills MR Credit 6 of LEED ED: O & M (1 point). No matter the reason, conducting a waste audit is the first step to ensure that you are an environmentally responsible corporate citizen when it comes to solid waste.

What is a waste audit and why do one?  A waste audit is a formal, structured process used to quantify the amount and types of waste being generated by an organization. Information from audits will help identify current waste practices and how they can be improved. Being waste-wise can mean:

  • A more efficient and effective organization

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Better use of limited natural resources.

The waste audit approach to waste-resource assessment is an important first step towards a comprehensive waste reduction program for your organization. It will help you and your organization assess your current generation of solid waste and to plan the changes necessary to comply with internal and external regulations. A waste assessment can be an extremely valuable experience to a forward-thinking organization. By following this visual estimate approach your organization will be in an excellent position to implement a sound Waste Reduction Action Plan and help turn waste into resources.

What are the objectives of the audit? The audit's objectives will largely determine the waste types and physical locations to be audited. Some examples of audit objectives could be:

  • To determine composition and quantities of waste being generated

  • To measure effectiveness of existing waste management systems

  • To identify opportunities for improving waste management systems and strategies

  • To collect baseline data for measuring the effectiveness of waste minimization strategies
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